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 zombies vs unicorns, wither, starclimber, scaredy squirrel This week I got some more great books!

 Simon and Schuster Canada sent me Wither. It’s a dystopian romance that I had actually already preordered from Chapters. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with the duplicate when it comes out in March but there may be a contest. I was having a really bad day and then I found this in the mail and I was cheered up, because look how pretty! Going to start reading it today.

Zombies vs. Unicorns was my first purchase from the Book Depository. I wanted to try ordering something from them so I could see if there’s crazy dues for buying oversees, if I want to hold International contests. I ended up getting a fantastic deal, I would normally have expected to pay $30-40 for a hardcover of such awesomeness but I only paid $10. This is an anthology I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for a long time. I love Holly Black’s work and there are some other great authors in there.

I got Starclimber for a dollar at the Friends of the Library booksale, which is nuts because it’s nominated right now for both the Red Cedar and the Stellar award! It’s slightly damaged, but I’ve been wanting to read it and can’t seem to keep it in stock at the library.  I got the author’s autograph at OLA last year! You should have seen the line up to see him, swarms of librarian ladies.

Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday Party isn’t officially released until tomorrow, but I guess Chapters miscalculated shipping time because I received it a few days ago. This isn’t YA but it’s the type of picture books all ages can enjoy. It’s humour reminds me of Shrek, with some jokes the kids won’t get. Scaredy wasn’t afraid of what I thought he’d be this time, but I always enjoy his paranoia and discovery that things aren’t so scary (I’m infamous for my anxiety attacks, so I feel like Scaredy is a kindred spirit) .

I also signed up for NetGalley this week. It’s already paid off and I have received the following books electronically:

  • Plan B
  • I love Him To Pieces
  • Cinderella, Ninja Warrior
  • Sleeping Beauty, Vampire Slayer
  • The Vespertine

Plan B   #01 I Love Him to Pieces   Cinderella: Ninja Warrior  Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer  The Vespertine

Reviews to come!


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