Top 10 Tuesday

The Broke and The Bookish want to know: Top 10 Books I Wish I’d Read As a Kid

This is a big question to answer, so I’ve broken it up:

My top 10 picture books are available on my other blog.

Top 10 YA series, subjects, and formats I wish I read as a teen

  • non-fiction about anxiety problems and depression
  • Generation Dead series
  • Hunger Games
  • Darkest Powers series
  • more Judy Bloom
  • graphic novels
  • more contemporary- non paranormal
  • Uglies series
  • anything YA: I missed out on so much because I wanted to jump right into adult books. I wanted to be sophisticated, reading beyond what was expected of me, and I ended up missing some great reads.
  • series


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday

  1. The Hunger Games is amazing. I love it, and I wish I had read it when I was younger too. I have a bit the same issue you mentioned: I jumped over the YA books and went straight to the adult books, a decision I now regret sometimes. Here’s my list.

  2. I was the same with YA too – I was reading everything adult I could get my hands on from about 14 onwards. I’m not sure if the YA market is stronger now (I’m certainly reading enough titles to make up for lost time) or if I just couldn’t be bothered seeking out the good titles, because I was so interested in reading adult fiction.

  3. +JMJ+

    I pretty much stuck to YA as a child, but am still catching up on a lot of stuff I missed the first time around. For every book I finally get to, I discover another one I’ve missed. That’s a reader’s life, aye? =)

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