Book Trailer Talks

Book Trailer Talks is a weekly feature hosted by Melissa @ YA Bookshelf

This Week: Can you remember the first YA book trailer you ever saw? Did you like it then, and what do you think about it now after having seen other book trailers in the interim?

The first book trailer I saw wasn’t YA it was for a picture book: Violet I love both the trailer and the book. I thought it was the coolest thing the first time I saw it and I still think using the animation from the book with some text was the best way to go. The only thing I might change is I would add voiceover for the text.

The first YA book trailer I saw was White Cat.  I remember loving the use of colour, black, white and red and that’s still true. I think the writing is sometimes too hard to read, but I like how the image becomes the book cover at the end.

What was your first book trailer?


One thought on “Book Trailer Talks

  1. Thanks for sharing your first book trailers with me, Stephanie! I really like both of the ones that you shared too, and I agree that using the animation from a picture book is definitely the way to go.

    As for the White Cat book trailer, I also love how the colors used and images have something similar to that of the final cover image. Whether the creator photographed the cover image as well, or just those in the trailer, it really blended well together. As well, I noticed an image of a girl, who I believe is on the cover of the second book in the series, so that’s really cool too. It shows a continuity. It’s true that the superscript is a little tough to read…maybe though it would work better if it stayed on the screen a little longer. (Just a thought.) But overall, I really liked it too.

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