Being Pretty doesn’t mean you can’t stay bubbly!

Scott Westerfeld, you make me bubbly! If I had body art that moved with my heart beat it would be spinning as I read Pretties (Uglies book 2).

Tally has a dream that sums up much of the plot:

“So, there was this beautiful princess.She was locked in a high tower, one whose smart walls had clever holes in them that could give her anything: food, a clique fantastic friends, wonderful clothes. And, best of all, there was this mirror on the wall, so that the princess coul look at her beautiful self all day long.The only problem with the tower was that there was no way out. The builders had forgotten to put in an elevator, even a set of stairs. She was stuck up there.”

Tally’s time as a pretty is horrifying to me, but this is as it should be. She becomes the crazy party girl, she has shallow concerns, she’s disgusted by anyone without a surgically altered face and she has an extremely limited vocabulary.

Tally and the Crims seek out ways to feel bubbly, which turns out to mean lucid more than happy. I found it interesting that hunger made them think more clearly. I’ve never noticed myself more focused when hungry, just the opposite I’d say. What did make sense to me was the adrenaline rushes. Kissing, climbing, sky diving and pulling pranks are the best way to feel alive and awake. I was amazed at how they were able to fight off the damage done by lesions without surgery.

“Living in an unspoken conspiracy filled every gesture with significance, charged every shared touch with unspoken meaning”

 The relationship between Tally and Zane was believable. He made her feel alive, and important, isn’t that what a girl really wants? He gave her both a rush and a purpose.

Westerfeld did a good job at making us think about our rustie ways (endangering the environment) and the way we fall into media traps, being told what is beautiful.

I liked the line

“spending more time looking out the window than at her own reflection, as is often the case with troublesome girls”

but only because I know he says it with the mindset that she is right to look out the window and cause trouble.

*FYI This e-book was purchased and read on my Kobo.


One thought on “Being Pretty doesn’t mean you can’t stay bubbly!

  1. I love this series! I read it a few years back and I own all of the books. It is so great. I even named my Min Pin after Tally and often call her Tally wa lol!

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