Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s question Most Inspirational Characters

*I’m sorry that several of these are not from YA but I adore them so much I can’t not include them.

  • Richard Rahl from Wizard’s First Rule (Not YA): he was a kind, curious, humble woodsguide who was thrust into a life of violence, magic, and politics. I’m less inspired by the multiple times he saved the world and more impressed by the little things. That he sees good in everyone (including his enemies like Denna), insists on treating animals well, and respects hard work more than rank or wealth are what make me love him. He makes so many choices for the good of others at cost to himself, and risks loving a woman who’s magic would undo him. He fights for the rights of minorities and women, always literally seeking the truth.
  • Rachel fromWizard’s First Rule: the poor, abused little girl who proves to be a survivor. Her courage and determination make a difference.
  • Peeta from The Hunger Games: I fell for the boy with the bread right away, he was sweet and generation and open. He makes this list because of his speech on the roof about not letting the Capitol change him.
  • Chuck Mitford from Freedom’s Landing (Not YA): he took a ragtag group of refugees and helped them survive incredible odds. He’s an amazing leader because he recognizes ANYONE with skills in a very racist , hateful situation,  and he listens to all opinions and takes them into consideration for big decisions. He protects Zanal even though he’s jealous of him, and does everything he can to make an egalitarian society.
  • Claire from Outlander (not YA): isn’t afraid to use her knowledge of medicine to save everyone she can even though it repeatedly ends up getting her accused of being a witch. She takes risks to save the man she loves and gives up daily luxuries like toilet paper, electricity and antibiotics to stay with him. She bloody demands to be heard in a time when women were treated like property.
  • Tommy from Generation Dead: he stands up for the rights of his people. Through seemingly small acts of rebellion, like dating a living girl and playing football he makes a statement that zombies have the right to live. He always sets a good example, resisting retaliation against those murdering his people because becoming violent would make him the monster he is thought to be. Tommy’s blog brings together zombies across North America, and he starts a civil right movement that could protect thousands.
  • Cinna from The Hunger Games: although he was raised in the Capitol (I think) he recognizes the faults of his society and uses his art (fashion design) as a form of rebellion. Art is my favourite kind of protest, and I find his creations inspiring. Even when Snow dictates a certain dress for Katniss, Cinna makes it into a masterpiece and a political statement that he knows he will pay for.
  • Peter from The Resistance: resists the temptation of eternal life because he believes that new generations are necessary and deserve a chance to live.
  • Melanie Stryder from The Host: Very few people would be strong-willed enough to not only survive the ordeal of having an alien take over her body, but end up becoming friends with that alien. Melanie is a fighter, but is also amazingly compassionate.
  • Jessica from Wonder: I actually don’t remember much about this anymore but when I was in Gr.7-8 this book had a huge impact on me. I do remember being so influenced by Jessica. I’m really sad this is out of print.  

What characters have inspired you?


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