My Blogiversary!

Tomorrow it will be exactly one year since I wrote my first blog post. I’m going to celebrate with a give-away, but first a little history on my blogging.

I owe all of my blogging success to my friend Erin, her blog Erin Explores YA was what inspired me to start mine. Before she was even out of library school she had teacher librarians and public librarians recognizing her because of her blog. One day I was selling Librarians Without Borders buttons in her place and a woman squealed with delight, ran up to me and exclaimed “O my God! Are you Erin?”. It sucked to have to say no, because she was so excited, and while I never expect to have fans chasing me down like that I thought it would be pretty awesome to have people out there reading what I think and actually caring.

I’ve been pushing books I love on friends and family for years, but having a blog has given me an outlet where I can go on and on about books, and libraries, and geekery without driving people I know crazy. Plus, I really miss being an English major. I got so used to writing essays about books that I often instinctively take notes while reading or pay attention to things like symbolism, diction, imagery….and I almost always feel like writing about a book immediately after I finish it. This blog has been my way of dealing with the compulsive book analysis, but it’s great because I only write what I feel like writing about instead of slaving away for school.

 In the last two days I’ve had over 80 views, which isn’t too shabby. I’ve had over 3000 views in my first year, frankly more than I expected although not really anything to brag about. I’ve had the pleasure of having a few authors comment or e-mail me, a couple of publishers offer me ARCs and a few people start blogs because they said mine looked like fun. It’s great to have a creative outlet that allows me to be productive and excuses my laziness towards other forms of productivity. Over all I’m happy with how my first year of blogging went and I hope next year’s just as exciting. 

So now for what you’re really here for.

The Blogiversary Give-Away

If you are in Canada or somewhere the Book Depository ships free, and either “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter you qualify for my contest. (unfortunately Google Friend Connect doesn’t appear to be compatible with WordPress or I would make that an option)

The prize is any YA book from Chapters or the Book Depository under $15. If you win I’ll contact you for your shipping address and ask you what book you would like me to order you.

All you have to do is Fill out the form by Jan 22nd.


3 thoughts on “My Blogiversary!

  1. Happy blogoversary!! I wish you many more happy years sharing what you love with fellow readers 🙂

    I’m in Australia, so not sure what the time zone is wherever you are. If I’m entering too late, it’s no problem – just delete my entry!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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