The Challenging part of the Debut Author Challenge

I signed up for the debut author challenge with enthusiasm. I was like “yay! new authors, new ideas, get out of my reading ruts” but I wasn’t anticipating the cost. I get most of my books at the library. If I love the first book in a series I’ll buy the series or put it on my wish list because I can’t afford a lot of books.

My part-time pay cheque goes to rent, food, student debt & hopefully the occasional trip back home to visit family and friends, so as much as I adore shiny new books I can’t buy them very often. Usually I wait until they are in the bargain bin at Chapters or used.

The thing about debut authors is the library doesn’t have the books yet, few of them are available to download to my Kobo (maybe just because so many of them are preorders still) and none of them are available used or on clearance.

so basically I’m frustrated because my lazy Saturday night of reading a debut book in bed (oh yes I have a wild party life here in SA) has been foiled. I doubt the bookstores in town carry the titles I want, since the stores here are tiny and they only have bestsellers or local stuff and that means I have to wait and pay shipping.



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