Goals for this blog

new years junk
happy new year

In 2011 I hope to:

  • live up to the name of the blog and talk more about libraries. I’ve been mostly reviewing books and there should be more posts about programs and such
  • review more of the books I read
  • review more books with diverse characters, in terms of ethnicity (with a couple exceptions my books  seem to be overly white/north american), gender (I think I’ve been a bit too girly, I’d like to have more to offer guys), sexual orientation (reading a book about someone who I’m pretty sure is a lesbian even though she hasn’t actually said that yet is making me realize I haven’t read many books with gay characters) and class ( I think I’ve done better in this category). I haven’t intentionally been reading about white, straight, middle class girls the most, it’s just happened, maybe because I  am one and maybe because that’s what’s been most available/popular but this year I’m going to try to branch out.
  • On a related note: try to review things that not every other book blogger reviews. I find that all the blogs I follow are reviewing the same books! Then I read the recommended book and review it, and it’s already been done. I want to go less mainstream for 1/5 books I read this year. Also maybe I need to mix up who I follow…not that the people I follow aren’t awesome they are just maybe too much of like mind.
  • hold a couple contests, not sure yet where I’m going to get the swag
  • participate in challenges
  • Explore different formats: ebook, audio book, graphic novel, large print…. see how it affects my reading experience and share that.
  • Hopefully round up some followers, and have more comments to interact with

what do you think? Decent goals? Doable?


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