FYI I created a Facebook Fan Page for this blog. You can link to it from this post or the badge on the side of my blog.

I did this for a few reasons:

  • I have a few followers, like my mom who don’t use Google Reader or any blog following programs and want an easy way to keep up with my posts
  • I really wish Google Friend connect worked with WordPress! I know I don’t have a huge following *yet* (because I’m conceited and think I will eventually have some readers) but it’s interesting to keep track of and it’s hard to say looking at my stats who reads my blog. I have at least one follower in Russia, which I think is pretty cool and I’m curious about who else sees/enjoys my rantings
  • Seems like everyone has Facebook, I have 2 accounts because it’s easier than trying to change the privacy settings for every little thing. One for library stuff, one for play. Although since I moved I haven’t had all that much play to post about haha. Having a Facebook page just seems natural with so much revolving around it.

Anyway, “like” my page if you’d like to or just comment now and then so I know who’s out there 🙂


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