Kobo First Impressions

I show off my new Kobo

My favourite Christmas gift of the year = Kobo. I barely put it down all day.

What I love so far:
  • it’s light and small enough to carry in my purse, much easier than lugging a pile of books when I know I’ll have lots of time to kill
  • it holds a ton of books, came with 100 already built-in
  • it’s compatible with the library, being able to borrow books is very important to me
  • Being able to zoom in and out easily
  • That it remembers where I left off
  • That it shows the cover art when I put it in sleep
  • the table of contents and being able to skip by chapter
  • built-in dictionary
What I wish it had but doesn’t seem to:
  • Way to bookmark, highlight or flag multiple spots in the text, I like to mark where quotes are so I can go back when I write a review or something
  • colour cover art, I love covers
  • a notepad feature, nothing fancy just basic text
  • a personalized home page thingy, where I put in my name and decorate my shelf with my favourites
  • more magazines and comic book serials available for subscriptions
  • Internet access beyond the Kobo store

I know Sony has a lot of these features but it’s pricier and really they are extras I don’t NEED. I love my Kobo so far so don’t be too sad about this list

 How it will change my reading habits:
I still plan to read good old-fashioned books on a regular basis. I love the look and feel of hardcovers and the comfortable flipping of pages with paperbacks. I like the smell, the covers, the feel in my hands…..I’m not by any means giving up print!
I will use my Kobo when:
  • I travel (which will hopefully be a lot)
  • I read on my lunch break at work, bringing books back and forth is getting tedious and seems silly since I’m in a library full of books.
  • I read in a waiting room, I go to the doctors way too much and I hate lugging a book around when I’m sick and finishing a book in the waiting room the first time then having nothing to do when I get sent to a new waiting room to get tests done.
  • On the bus if I ever live in a place with decent transit again, man I miss Ottawa!
  • occasionally at home, especially if I’m addicted to a particular book I’m reading on it
  • If I’m too lazy to walk to the mall and to impatient to wait until the next workday to borrow a print book

I will still use print:

  • In bed
  • On the couch
  • On the beach
  • In the bathtub on the rare occasion I opt for a bath rather than shower
  • For my favourite books and those whose covers I adore
  • For most graphic novels because colour is key
  • For picture books
 The Kindle conundrum:
Several friends received Kindles for Christmas only to discover uh oh doesn’t work with the library! I know I advised a lot of patrons to check out what devices were compatible with Library To Go or told them about the ones I knew and warned about Kindle. The thing is while the Kindle seems awesome otherwise it is very limited in where you can get your reading material. I don’t like being limited to one source so I’m very happy my bro got me a Kobo!
So library users beware, Kindle does not allow you to borrow from us! 
Accesorizing my Kobo:
 The booklike cover I got from The Source is classy but cute. It protects my Kobo from the hazards of my purse, backpack, desk ect. It has handy pouches for SD cards and business cards or my library card. They think of everything. Doesn’t have the fancy built-in light my friend’s has, but I’m not rich.
 The Skin I bought for the Kobo is whimsical. It features a shelf of old-school books that is inhabited by little elves, trolls and animals. Super cute if I do say so myself.

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