In My Mailbox aka Under My Tree

IMM is a meme started by the Story Siren it gives me an excuse to show off books and shiny new toys that I’ve gotten.

mailbox with a Santa hat

 This week I picked up some library books for the road, and by road I mean air since I wanted reading material for the plane ride home.

Library Books

Christmas Gift from my Brother


That’s right! I got a Kobo for Christmas!!!! My little brother is the bestest. My Kobo came with 101 books, mostly classics that I heard about a lot doing my English degree but never got around to reading myself. Now I will, and next time I travel I won’t have to break my back carrying heavy books in my purse (ya I was lopsided it was so heavy).

So far I LOVE my Kobo and everyone teased me because I didn’t put it down most of yesterday 🙂 I will be reviewing some e-books and talking about my adjustment to the format change soon.


I don’t have much time to read this week but loooove what’s in my mailbox


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