Books on Battlestar

I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica like crazy lately, I always fall in love with shows after they get canceled. Anyway something I’ve been paying attention to is the role of books in the show.

Most powerful uses of books on Battlestar

  1. Showing The Love: Admiral Adama reads to Laura during her cancer treatments. The way he spends his free time reading aloud to her and sharing his favourite books demonstrates his love for her. That she is so comforted by this during a painful time helps her realize her feelings for him as well.
  2. Changing His Rep and Gaining Followers: Gaius Baltar goes from being the most hated man in the fleet to being a revered leader of a cult and the inspiration for a union forming to stand up for workers rights. How does this happen? He writes a book while in jail with a smuggled pen.
  3. Inspiring A New Life Course: Lee Adama receives his grandfather’s law books as a gift from his father. Lee had aspirations of become a lawyer before he was thrust full fledge into military life by the cylon attack, he confessed to his father that if he’d had the opportunity he would have changed his career. His father’s gift of the law books inspires him to make the changes in his life despite the constant need for his pilot skills and he assists with Baltar’s trial.
  4. Tells Them Where To Go: the religious texts are used in the show as guides and maps to Earth, what they believe is their last hope
  5. Preservation of Culture: I would have expected this to be a bigger deal on the show, but it is only mentioned briefly that Adama’s library in his office may be the only copies of literature from the colonies. The president expresses the need to preserve what books they can. I would have made a big deal about this but the show puts much more emphasis on 1-4.

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