I hate jealousy tactics

Ok earlier I gushed a bit over the first chapter of A Novel Idea because I liked the way Friedman talked about reading. I have to say I was disappointed with the romance plot lines of the book.

The main character tried to make a boy jealous by seeming to date a lot of men, and thinks asking out your crush’s best friend is a good idea for getting your crush. Ugh! I have so many problems with this. The only guys who would go for those tactics are the ones that are happy you are easy. A guy like the one she is after would not fall for someone who juggles too many guys to keep track of and is dating his best friend. A decent guy does not go for his best friend’s girl….and a decent girl does not use poor geeky boys as pawns and risk breaking their hearts

I could go on and on but basically I find the dating strategies that somehow work in this book horrifying.

On the other hand, I love the speech Nora gives about Philippa and authors in general at the Book Nook. I also enjoy the last line of the book:

Because boys are boys, and books are books, and, in the end, it’s best to have a little of both

I liked the discussion of reading, I did not care for the over the top drama, but that’s just my taste


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