The fact that I read Mockingjay in the bus terminal, on the bus, on my break at work and in noisy places in general made it difficult for me to be as absorbed in the book as I was with the first two novels.

For the most part I loved it, although there was more politics and personal crisis with less action so how you feel about it may depend on what you liked about the rest of the series. The characters were developed even further.

One thing Collins did really well was explore how the media is influenced by those in charge and how those in charge and the military are influenced by the media. I liked that it worked both ways in the novel, because I think this is true in real life. If you are interested in that subject you should also read Amusing Ourselves To Death and Homer Simpson Goes to Washington. Both are nonfiction but presented in such a way that they are enjoyable for people who prefer fiction.

I have to say that while Peter gained sympathy in this novel I lost a lot of respect for Katniss when she voted “yes”. I won’t give away what the vote is for, but I was shocked that a character who had lived through the Hunger Games would allow any more violence against young people.

The cover art is great and I love that the feathers are textured! I adore when books have an extra tactile experience.

So now my debate is which Katniss outfit should I wear next Halloween or if we have party at the library that calls for dressing up like a character?? Cinna’s creations are awesome but hard to replicate. I think I could really have fun with a Hunger Games Party.


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