Kiss of Life

LOVED the book. Who knew zombie stories could be so awesome. Just like Generation Dead, Kiss of Life has powerful messages about race, acceptance, allowing yourself to be attracted to unconventional partners and standing up for your rights. I like that there are zombie extremists (like the gang Tommy writes about) in the book, because I think if Waters made every zombie lovable it would be unrealistic. In addition to all the larger societal issues the book deals with it is classic YA in that

  • It has characters like Margi trying to figure out what to do as a career
  • It talks about the various degrees of love, has Phoebe wondering what it is to love
  • It has a character get jealous when the man she dumped is able to move on before she has
  • It has rebels, bullies, punks, freaks and jocks that break up the highschool but those who cross the boundaries and are friends among multiple groups
  • It’s about figuring out what you believe in and how you can stand up for those beliefs, it’s about figuring out who you are

Really looking forward to reading more by Daniel Waters!


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