First Impressions of Kiss Of Life

(Spoiler alert if you haven’t read Generation Dead)

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters is doing its job, because it has me outraged at the injustice! At the end of Generation Dead Pete commits murder and Kiss of Life starts with him getting away with it.

Here are the reason’s it’s completely unacceptable (in no order):

  • He was trying to shoot Phoebe (a living not zombie teen if that matters in their court)
  • There were multiple witnesses that she was a target including herself
  • He openly threatened Phoebe and Margi at school, and had a list of people to kill with Evan scratched off, which should at least start an investigation for Evan’s murder
  • The witnesses of him threatening Phoebe on multiple occasions should make his story of “trying to save her” obviously false
  • Even if he was shooting at Tommy like he claims, that would be unnecessary to “save” Phoebe and there was no evidence she needed saving except from Pete.
  • Shooting zombies should be a hate crime

Reasons why the book is awesome so far

  • It has the power to make me so mad
  • It shows how sometimes the government and the courts don’t protect minorities and let obvious repeat offenders (I can think of a few celebs) get away with things
  • Adam’s slow recovery is something that could inspire stroke or accident victims
  • Adam’s love not hate argument he can’t manage to speak yet is awesome

basically, love, love, love so far, but I just started it, yay for books keeping me entertained in waiting rooms.


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