Iron King

Iron King cover art

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

What It’s About

Meghan is a teenage girl who lives in the country with her mother, stepfather and her little half-brother. On her sixteenth birthday her brother is replaced with a changeling and her best friend is revealed to be more than he appeared. He leads her to the world of the faeries so they can rescue her brother. During this adventure she discovers why she has never fit in and no one ever seems to remember her.

What’s Good About It

  • The two traditional Faery courts are represented, giving the story of a familiar feel
  • A new (at least to me) third court is introduced
  • There is a Lord of The Rings feel to the book, with the corruption by iron, the creatures from nature and the creatures resulting from technology. The new faeries reminded me of orcs, not so much in their appearance as what they represented
  • The cover art is fantastic. I love the wisps of green, the font that curls into the art, a beautiful girl with an eye-catching eye…it pulls readers in. I like that the top of her ears are covered by her hair, leaving things ambiguous.
  • I liked Robbie

Over-all impression

A decent story, with decent characters but I was never fully engrossed. I don’t know if it’s that I’ve read so much lately that it is getting hard for books to stand out to me but I wasn’t as compelled as I would like to have been. I can’t think of anything particularly wrong with the book but it wasn’t overly memorable.

Her family dynamics were interesting and I found the Iron aspects intriguing, I hope these are expanded on in the sequel.


wondrous strange

tithe by holly black


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