First Time I’ve LOVED a graphic novel

Fray cover artTitle: Fray
Author: Joss Whedon
Penciller: Karl Moline
Inker: Andy Owens
Colorists: David Stewart and Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Michelle Madsen   

This graphic novel came out years ago, before I was interested in graphic novels, so I am late reviewing it but I would like to talk about it anyway in case someone else missed out on the initial publicity.   

Why I picked up this graphic novel:   

  • I liked Buffy
  • loved Angel
  • have spread the Firefly and Serenity love to several friends
  • Toy Story is my favourite cartoon
  • I often break out into Dr. Horrible songs
  • I could go on and on about Whedon’s brilliance

What I loved about it:   

  • The art by Karl Moline is so gorgeous that if I owned this (I borrowed it from the ORL ) I would put it up on the wall or make cool end table with some modge podge or something because honestly it’s fantastic. I will most definitely be looking for more by Moline.
  • Melaka Fray is not Buffy or Faith with a new hairdo, she’s her own character. She’s tough but kind and her weaknesses are as endearing as her strengths.
  • The effect of twins on the slayer heritage is interesting
  • Loo the hyperactive little girl with run on sentences is one of my favourite parts of the book. She’s adorable despite her deformities and I don’t think the story would be the same without her
  • Twists near the end are enjoyable
  • You don’t need to be a Buffy fan to keep up, it’s in the distant future of the Buffyverse and stands alone really well
  • The introduction to the graphic novel (including both the Jeph Loeb intro and the forward by Joss Whedon) is hilarious if you are already a Joss fan, and I really admire the way Whedon talks about how he wants women represented in comics.


Why YOU should read this or purchase it for your library   

  • Action
  • More character depth than I’d expect in a graphic novel
  • A strong female protagonist
  • Glorious art
  • I think it can be enjoyed by those new to graphic novels and those who know more about them. The text isn’t too hard to follow (figuring out what order to read text is sometimes a problem for me with comics) but it’s complex with scenes that spill out of the frames (I love that).

frayaction shotfray art


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