The Short Second Life….

cover artMeyer’s Bree Tanner didn’t succeed in having me care more about that particular character, in fact I had more sympathy for her before I read it, but it did have some interesting ideas that could have been fleshed out more:

  • When people tell us our limitations, we as a society generally believe them. Riley convinces the newborn vamps that sunlight will be their death, and for the most part they believe him. Whether it was Meyer’s intention or not I think we should take this as a reminder that we can’t believe everything about our limitations. If women had believed men that they were not capable of independence, intelligence or work outside the home, if no one had taken that risk and faced the sunlight then the women of our generation would not have the self-awareness and rights that we do.  The same could be said for races and ethnicities that were told they had  limitations they challenged. Don’t let myths limit you, is the best message of the novella.
  • I found Freaky Fred and the exploration of dark gifts interesting
  • I like that the kind of person they were before they were a vampire influences what kind of vampire they will be, they don’t loose themselves completely even if their human life is difficult to remember

Worth a quick read but I should have waited for my library hold rather than buy it. I was a bit disappointed, but it wasn’t particularly bad.


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