Where’s the YA??

My mother often reads books I leave lying around her house, or that I recommend and sometimes the books are YA since I read a lot of it. She enjoyed Holly Black’s The White Cat and I told her about a few other titles by Black she might like.

She went to her local library to get them and could not find them on her own. The teen area was not near the children’s or the adult’s fiction, or the magazines. It was tucked away behind some encyclopedias at the back of the nonfiction section with no visible signage and she only found it because she asked for help.

While there are advantages to having a teen area in a secluded back section, such as privacy and more freedom to be loud without disrupting others, I have a problem with how hidden the teen area was in the library.

Are teens really going to spend the time searching the library, or feel comfortable asking for directions? As a teen myself I was pretty shy and would be embarrassed if I couldn’t find the book I was looking for, never mind the section.

Where is your teen area located??


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