So I started to make a library display relating to Eclipse for its release, but all of the YA about vampires and most of the recent Ya about werewolves was already checked out… so I guess that would have been unnecessary promoting of the genre.

As for the movie I think it was the best adaptation of the series so far. The dialogue between Jake and Edward in the tent was pretty good, they mocked themselves with the “doesn’t he own a shirt” line, some decent fight scenes and I’ve always loved Charlies portrayal in the films. Even my twilight mocking boyfriend agreed “if it wasn’t for the acting that would have been compelling”.

I still have serious doubts about how they can possibly adapt the Host to the screen. I LOVED the book but the beauty of it is the internal dialogue between the host and the parasite, the strange relationship they develop and how that allows for other very human for distinctly non-human relationships.That the book was from the parasites point of view made it fresh and interesting, and maintaining that POV in a film will be hard without a LOT of narration, which does not go over well with general public.

In any case,  I will definitely make a kick a$$ display when the Host comes out, because it was an awesome book and if nothing else I hope the upcoming movie will get people to read it and other insightful speculative fiction.

(my apostrophe key isnt working, forgive the typos)


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