Teen Read Awards

teen read awards by Indigo

I share my friend Erin’s enthusiasm about the Teen Read Awards. I think it’s really great for Canadian teens to have the opportunity to vote for book awards. If you are a teen it is an awesome way to share your opinion and support YA lit and if you are a librarian it is an amazing chance to promote YA lit to teens.

Lets look at the categories:

Best Read/Best New Writer/ Best Lip Lock This is a standard and essential category, it gets straight to the point.

I have only read the Reckoning out of these nominees but the others are definitely on my to-read list.

I love the icon for best new writer, goes with BC’s Reading Rocks theme 😛 Recognizing new talent is key to spreading great work to a wider audience and encouraging people to start out.

Unfortunately haven’t gotten to these books yet myself but I’m on the waiting list for Fallen @ the library and think I will read Beautiful Creatures very soon.

This category makes the awards feel like the MTV Teen Choice Awards and I think it will appeal to a lot of teens. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read any of the nominees but I love the cover art of Captive!


Best All Time Fave/Best Hero/Best Canadian Read

Out of the choices offered for All-time fave I would vote Harry Potter but I am becoming such a huge Holly Black fan I think maybe I would nominate one her books.

Hero is a good category, but to be honest I rarely identify with heroes as much as minor characters. I love Ron and Neville way more than Harry, I love Aragorn and Pippin way more than Frodo…I think I would have liked a best supporting character category. I love Cassel from the White Cat so he would have my vote.

I ❤ this category, partly because I think it’s really important to recognize Canadian authors and partly because I think its important to draw teens’ attention to the fact that the authors they love are from Canada and they could as Canadians become awesome writers themselves.

Bad guys are often the funnest to talk about. I love to hate them 🙂 Best Villain/Best HottieI haven’t read any of the nominees so I have no opinion on how this one will turn out.

Best Hottie is a cool category for the target audience, but I think there should have been at least one female nominee. What about the male and lesbian voters??

Series is a great category because I love Best Series/Best Book-To-Flickgetting attached to characters and worlds, and a series makes that possible by giving you more time with both.  I haven’t followed any of the nominated series but I’ve heard good things about the Vampire Academy one.

Book to flick is hard for me because I wasn’t happy with the way the Half Blood Prince movie cut out a lot of parts I loved from the book, New Moon did not live up to the experience of reading it and I loved the movies Push and Whip It but haven’t read those books.

No matter who wins, I hope lots of people vote and comment, and enjoy talking about books.


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