I Pitty the Fool Who Misses Out On Marketing

Just watched the new A-Team movie and LOVED it, but not only did it entertain the crap out of me, it inspired me!

In the movie Smith says “Give me a minute I’m good, give me an hour I’m great, give me six months – I’m unbeatable”

When I heard that line I thought it summed up my reference skills, I can find something good quick, I can find in-depth answers and a variety of sources given a little time, and provided with the opportunity for full on research I will blow you away.

I think it works best in relation to reference but it applies to librarianship in general. Give me a minute to prepare a story time and I will be decent, give me an hour to become familiar with the book and I will have voices and emphasis all planned out, give me more time to plan ahead I will have a display of read-alikes, a craft, a song or rhyme and it will be the best storytime you have seen.

I would like to use this awesome quote from relevant pop culture to market the Reference service in libraries to the public. I think it will show we are relevant and get some attention.

If you don’t want to use it on the public maybe think about it as a way to express your needs to administration. Write a report about why you need more hours, more time to prepare to get the best answers and the best service to your community.

I also think I will look into the cost of having an ad in the pre show because it will reach non-users. Yes I go to the movies and think about work haha

Any thoughts?


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