Board Game Withdrawl = Ideas

I had to leave my board games behind when I moved to BC last week because I couldn’t justify the cost of shipping them. I miss them already (geek alert) and I miss having awesome friends to play them with. So today my mind was wandering while getting ready and I thought of some reasons my games are worth sending even though I don’t have my Soo, London or Waterloo crews to play them with.

Ways I can use my board games @ work

Harry Potter Scene IT:

When the new HP movie comes out I will have a HP day in the library. In the morning I will do a craft with the younger kids and have colouring pages as handouts. There will be a display of HP books and a display of read-alikes for kids.

In the afternoon or evening patrons ages 10-18 will be invited to play trivia. If only a few people show up (I’m in a small town library) they can play the trivia game as it was meant to be played but if we have a bigger crowd like I hope we would then I will read questions out loud and give small prizes to those that answer correctly. If I had access to a tv/dvd player we would do a few all play and my play questions for prizes and then when I am out of prizes I put it on party play and they just play for fun.

I would have a display of read-alikes for teens at this part of the event.

Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit

Either on the anniversary of the books or the movies, or if the Hobbit is made into a movie which I believe is happening next year, I will host a LOTR trivia day at the library.

Once again the way we play will depend on attendance. If we have a large crowd I will read questions to the group and hand out prizes, if we have a small group they can play the game with the board and the winner will get the prize or they get a prize when they get a pie.

There will be a display of Fantasy books influenced by Tolkien beside the trivia area.

Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

Same Idea as above, except we would use a tv/dvd player if possible for the pie questions. I would have a display of star wars books that had a wide range of reading levels.


This game is bilingual. I would use the French side of the board and have a “practice your french with a game” night. I would have a display of resources for choosing a career or going to college/university as well as a display of French books.

Scrabble & Boggle

I have already talked on this blog about how great Scrabble and Boggle are for developing vocabulary and practicing spelling. They also use basic math to add up the points. I would like to have the library own its own copies of these games and keep them in the teen area.


This could be made available to play the same night we have the trivia game or on a different night. It develops critical thinking skills, healthy competitiveness and is a lot of fun.

Those are the best matches for library use but I have a bunch more games I want for my own use (Cranium, Pictionary, Partini…)


2 thoughts on “Board Game Withdrawl = Ideas

  1. I have Star Wars trivial pursuit, but no one who will play it with me.
    Is the LOTR trivial pursuit based on the books or the movies? If its the books, then I’m interested. If its the movies, then I’m disappointed.

    • My bf and I would play with you but I doubt we are in the same town.

      For the most part the LOTR game seems to be based on the movies (there is one category that is just about the movies) but there are some questions that you could not answer based on the movies alone.

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