Heat Wave!

me with my book
me & my book


I am a huge fan of the show Castle, mainly because I think Nathan Fillion is amazing (he’s Canadian too!). In the show Fillion plays Richard Castle, a mystery writer who is working with police as research for his next book, but ends up helping them solve cases. Anyway the book he writes on the show based on one of the cops he works with is called Heat Wave.  

Here is the big news!  

I was at Chapters last night, and my boyfriend who is browsing a different area than me runs up with a book and I stare at it dumbly in shock. Heat Wave by Richard Castle with a picture of Nathan Fillion on the back! Check out the dedication if you can get your hands on a copy ;).  

a photo of me holding Heat Wave
YES I am a little too excited


I know its a total gimmick and I think its a bit morally gray for them to have the what I am assuming is fake label of New York Times Bestseller, but I HAD to buy it. I haven’t read it yet but will let you know how it is. Even if the writing isn’t great its a great geeky novelty gift.


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