Nuclear Anxiety

I have to admit that ever since I listened to Romeo Dallaire’s talk at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference I have been feeling especially nervous about the possibility of nuclear war. He made me think about how complacent everyone has become, not willing to deal with the issue because it is too scary and upsetting. We push it aside and allow weapons capable of destroying life on Earth to exist, because even if we disagree with their existence we feel helpless to influence policy. Dallaire mentioned that writing quick e-mails on a regular basis letting politicians know we want disarmament not modernization of weapons is something we can do.

I feel that as a future librarian my best bet for making a difference is to make sure the next generation makes smarter decisions on important matters by keeping them informed and trying to prevent apathy.

So here are my reading recommendations of the day to keep these topics in the forefront:

cover art of Watchmen


Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons focus on the doomsday clock. The story uses superheros to delve into serious subject matter and real threats to society. It amazes me that something written the year I was born remains relevant as a social commentary. This may show the value of the graphic novel or it may show that society has not learned from the social commentaries prevalent in art, I would argue both.

cover art of the People of Sparks cover art of the City of EmberThe City of Ember and The People of Sparks (and probably the rest of the series I have not gotten to yet) by Jeanne DuPrau are children’s books but I enjoyed them and I think many young adults would as well.  They deal with a postapocalyptic world, after nuclear war. A great way to introduce the topic to reluctant readers.


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