Community Builders-Teens Turning Places Around

for teens  for librarians 
 If you want to give back to your community or want show the community how they can make it better for teens this site will show you how.It tells stories of libraries, community centers, and many other public places giving the power to teens and how those teens made the places their own, helping other teens in the area get the best possible service and place to hang out.

Check out this link for ideas!

One of the main aspects of my paper on the best practices for designing teen space was the involvement of the youth who make up the library’s professional patronage. This website outlines how Burton Barr Library included young adults in their community in their redesign and the success they have had since doing so.The website also links to many projects where young adults were given the power and contributed positively to community.

If youth in your library are asking for ways the could be involved you should study this for ideas or at the very least give them the link and let them think about what projects they can relate to.  

PPS. “Teen Central at Burton Barr Library”. Community Builders: Teens Turning Places Around. 06/02/10


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