Review: Wintersmith

cover art of the Wintersmith This was my first Terry Pratchett novel, and will not be my last. The man has an  incredible sense of humour and delightfully twisted use of language.

The Good

  • – The blue guys on the cover are Feegles and they are hilarious
  • – The relationship between the witches and the villages is really well developed
  • – Values honesty and hard work
  • – I like the balance of defying and maintaining tradition

The Bad

-It does not indicate anywhere on the cover or first few pages that this is 4 books into a series (It does mention Diskworld but does not clarify where it is the scheme of things).

The Ugly

– Normally novels have some sort of transition when the author jumps from one character in one location to a totally new location and character. Pratchett needs to learn the value of ” * * *” or a sword or some little image to indicate he has transitioned. There were several time-jumps that could have been clarified better as well.


Great for young adults and imaginative older ones


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